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KATA reviews Leonard Cohen's SHOW ME THE PLACE with reference to healing and Christ.

" I took what I could save...a particle, a wave" I believe to be an undeniable reference to light.


Cohen does not make it entirely clear who is speaking in the lyrics- it seems to be a mix of himself, Christ and mankind collectively. I don't a have problem with that vantage point because we are asked to identify with Christ in His life death and resurrection.


We are also told we are in union with Christ (as part of His body). And finally we are taught that we are all part of one another (members in particular within the body of Christ).


You may be the part that sees what's going on from a cultural or spiritual perspective (like an eye) and I may be a muscle part (and do a lot of heavy lifting physically spiritually or otherwise).


The point is there is infinite diversity and we all need one another more than we can comprehend.

The devil is called the angel of light in the Bible. This fallen angel was given crucial knowledge about the properties of light by God the Creator.


The devil in his pride wanted to be like (or possibly even usurp) God; so he went to war with God. Convincing one third of the angels to follow him, the devil corrupted thousands of once pure beings. They now comprise a small army of irredeemably malevolent spiritual beings.

Mankind is caught in the middle of that war. I believe the devil changed the d.n.a. in men women animals and plants to expire (die) like a gallon of week old milk. The good news is this: death was not in the original blueprint of original paradise and it will not exist in final paradise.

Therefore, I believe Cohen is either speaking about mankind saving what bits of intellect and science he can as the monks of Ireland probably did during the dark ages (see How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill ).

However, this phrase may be written from the viewpoint of Jesus as redeemer (purchaser of mankind from dominion by the interloper the devil). If Jesus is speaking here He saying he saved the key to light (snatched it from the devil). This makes sense too because we know Christ will have the power to resurrect our bodies. Some physicists who are also Christians claim that quantum physics can be used to prove (once and for all) Christ's literal physical resurrection.

The conqueror in a war (Jesus in this case) takes all he can from the enemy camp. Jesus is referred to as the bright and morning star and has ultimately replaced the devil in authority. But in any war there are rouge pockets of fighters that still cause havoc after victory has been declared. That's why I believe the fallen angels are still afoot.


But supernatural healing is currently possible because the victory has been claimed. When Jesus declared "It is finished" (before He gave His Spirit up to God) He was saying that our salvation was accomplished. Through His sacrifice on our behalf our bodies are legally no longer subject to sickness and pain.


The outcome of this epic battle will be clear to all When He Returns (the title to one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.




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