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spiritual manifestations: (when beings from another dimension enter our realm).


Typically INvisible, now they manifest themselves and become visible (or audible- or sensed in some other way such as via heat or cold).


My name is Kata Billups and I've created this site to fully explore this topic and debate the mainstream assumption that all (or most) spirit beings are good or neutral. I beliuve there are two great spirit beings (one entirely good and the other entirely evil). When I began as a spiritual seeker I was very interested in the occult but now a Christian. 

people (and most likely all sentient beings)

were created with the ability to talk with the Creator


throughout history we see various religions attempting to commune with God. Monks, Transcendentalists, Incas, Buddhists, Islamists, Wiccan, Baptists,...(a long list).




communion poster 2.jpg

human beings are curious about the supernatural.


the occult, poltergeists, hauntings, astral projection, aliens, mediums...(a long list)

spiritual phenomena occur within mainstream Christian churches too...

see the video directly below.

NOTE: I do not endorse the practices in the video below. In fact, I believe spiritual instances such as are shown in this film to be unsafe and Biblically unsound.

in many cultures, there is the understanding that some spiritual entities and practices are dangerous.


Wiccans avoid the ouija board, people in India warn against the goddess kali, some villages in Africa are terrified by the powers surrounding voodoo,


yet in America, there is a prevailing idea that all spiritual practices are inherently good.


this naivete about spiritual experiences is due largely to the Beatles' influence.


NOTE: and the underlying influence on our time by Madame Blavatsky, the grand dame of spiritism. 


The Beatles (and other acid rock bands of the time) introduced us to far-eastern mysticism in many ways. They adopted Indian fashion and integrated the instrumentals of India's great Ravi Shankar. We became familiar with eastern mysticism by looking at the pictures of their trips to various gurus.


NOTE: I lived during some of that time and miss the palpable feeling of community and love. but many people still have a dumbed-down view of the flower power generation. 


the Beatles era was not just a superficial scene of hippies, flower power, and love- they helped introduce the world to some powerful spiritual forces...

NOTE: some gurus and yogis archive spiritual capacities such as levitation and teleportation. 

in addition to the Beatles (and other psychedelic rock bands) making spiritual exploration mainstream...

there emerged cultural relativism (or political correctness).


around about the time of the Beatles- social engineers began telling us that critiquing anything- (religions and spiritual processes especially) was bad.

this left the average person in a moral and spiritual disconnect- similar to the example that follows:


suppose someone thinks: "the Mayans and Aztecs sacrificed humans to their gods. This was part of their religious practice and we have no right to judge it". 

is the thought above true?

does objective truth exist?





on the topic of judgment and religions- the piece of my work below has garnered me quite a bit of hate mail-  (saying I'm judgmental about Catholics).

see image below entitled

The Little Children Took Down the Priest's Dirty Art Collection )

children take down the priests dirty art











social engineers have molded modern-day man's minds to fear being politically incorrect, (or too judgmental).



because "nobody has the right to judge"- the State of California now has individuals proposing to legalize pedophilia. 


I, (unlike many people today), do not think "everything is good" and that "good cannot exist without evil." 

no, I believe in good and evil.


I think the world is in moral cultural, and spiritual decline, and our only hope lies in making spiritual judgments (discernments).

NOTE: you may ask:


what about the verse where Jesus says "judge not lest ye be judged"? 


yes, that's true

and ... there's another verse that says "ye that are spiritual may judge all things" do we reconcile these seemingly contradictory verses?




most of us know the Creator is the ultimate judge of anyone's heart. and that only He can know all the motives and circumstances surrounding a given circumstance.


but not so many people get that it's our responsibility to make judgment calls in the area of spiritual discernment.


here's my example:

lets' say my child is in the store with me and I see a man trying to pull my kid's pants down.


am I allowed to make a judgment call? 


I had better deduce correctly and conclude the man has bad intentions. then I'd remove my child from the situation and probably call the police (to keep the guy from being predatory on other children).


the problem with cultural relativism is this: it's got the potential to make Christians appear as the most judgmental of all people.


but the truth is if all judgments are verboten, then we are screwed (as I proved in the paragraphs above). 

(see the sketch I did on this topic directly below)

































I'd like to see logic, critical thinking, analytical judgment, and spiritual discernment become the norm.

without these mental faculties, we are lost.

NOTE: On this site, I'll do my best to break down some very simple keys to staying out of danger.


I'll probably mention often these two keys which are extremely valuable to use in spiritual discernment:


1. if a practice violates one's free it should be instantly eliminated as unsafe.

2. if a practice or person associated with the practice has no benefit to others (but elevates one's own pride or prestige or is destructive to another) it is wise to distance oneself from the person and or practice.

examples from my life are as follows:


someone came to my home singing the praises of a supposed prophet lady in her church. she told me over and over how great this woman was and how I had to go see her because she knew all these things about her plus she'd told her boyfriend to not ride his motorcycle (or he would crash and die). for brevity's sake let me say this 'vision' was within the violations described in number 2. above. thats' due to the fact there was no benefit to the person. the true God gives revelation assistance to stay safe within the moment in real-time. (not dire warnings of death). and the 'seer' was gaining quite a bit of 'worship' from her admirers.

one more example:


an art teacher of mine bragged about helping one of his students receive a 50,000 dollar advance from a New York art gallery. in the same sentence, the teacher looked strangely excited when he told this story. his protege was working on a painting that had such a potent spiritual vibe that he hung himself while working on it. upon hearing this, I knew the young man's death was due to evil spirits and probably connected with astral projection and other occult practices the teacher instructed his favorite students in. this spiritual phenomenon falls into category number 1. (above). astral projection (and some drugs also) breach free will. and as an added bonus let me say death is never the will of the true God.

on this site- I'll compile essays about my own spiritual journey and explain why I decided to adopt or avoid various practices. I'll also provide information by experts in fields concerning various spiritual entities and practices.

please contact me via this site with any comments or questions.



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