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this page will discuss the good and bad aspects within the following list of spiritual phenomena levitation,




fortune telling,

mind reading,


deja vu,




levitation and teleportation are similar phenomena. the first involves a person or object being lifted above the ground. the second involves people or objects being moved over long distances.


levitation phenomenon involves objects or beings floating above the ground. it is purportedly done using the power of one's mind.


but I assert it is only possible for unseen entities to move objects around. those entities may be malevolent (evil fallen angels) or benevolent (good holy angels).


whenever objects move for no profitable reason or against one's free will there is an evil spirit moving things.  this evil force is behind experiences such as human beings being lifted above their beds at night. I have a girlfriend who was a believer in Christ for many years but found herself frozen with fear one night as she was levitated above her bed. I am not sure why this happened (possibly a poltergeist in the home) but I know she reversed the situation by calling on the name (and power behind the name) of Jesus Christ. there was obviously no benefit to her being levitated. it frightened her and was against her free will. 



if there is a beneficial reason for objects to move that is another case. a friend told me the story of driving on the freeway one night and seeing a car's headlights coming toward her at a great speed in her lane. something picked her car up and gently set it down in the grassy median beside the road. obviously, there was a good (holy) angelic being behind this occurrence. the Biblical word for this event would be a miracle. miracles often involve holy angels. they often occur instantaneously and defy the laws of physics. 

teleportation is commonly reported within the eastern religions and is a capability of those whom they call their adepts or their ascended masters. these spiritually advanced beings (human or otherwise) are known to move beings and objects across great distances. 

this phenomenon occurs in western culture as well.


spiritists and those involved in other occult practices are capable of teleporting objects. this phenomenon also occurs within American Indian cultures and others.


the problem with this practice is that free will is often breached and there is often no profit or benefit to another living being. these factors place the phenomena into the category of "lying signs and wonders."


phenomena that are not empowered by the true God cause great fascination and admiration toward the person who is performing the act. if one looks carefully he will notice that these events have no benefit to anyone else. one such occurrence was reported by a friend. she was excited about her home being haunted and said one day lighting came out of the clear blue sky and split the tree in her front yard in two. I listened as he went on..." the only problem is my son can not sleep well at night because a female comes into his room and frightens him. i am telling him to say to the being go to the light but it is still in the house" I tried to explain that this being was evil and had no right to frighten her son. I asked if she thought that was good or bad. she was unsure. this kind of uncertainly about spirit beings is common. we need to have ways to judge whether a spirit being is good or evil. i say this over and over...if an experience frightens someone, breaches free will, or has no benefit or profit it is not of the true God. 


the true God always does things for a particular benefit. the true God also never breaches free will. God sometimes does supernatural phenomena unilaterally but there is often the free will involvement by the true Gods' agents and emissaries. 

mediums, seances, fortune telling, mind reading, psychics, channeling


are said to be the go-betweens of this world and the spirit world or the world 'beyond the veil'. people who have a lot of experience in this field (such as ex-mediums) who write and speak about it talk about a substance called ectoplasm associated with this phenomenon. ectoplasm comes out of the medium's nose and mouth and changes the appearance of the medium to that of the person they are supposedly contacting.  I assert that mediums are not contacting the dead but malevolent spirits who impersonate the dead for their own reasons. the main reason being the original lie in the garden of Eden "thou shalt not surely die." mediums (such as the long island medium who is on talk shows currently) give what appears as solace to many grieving the loss of their loved ones. I assert that whatever the evil one gives he "taketh away" and dabbling in the occult by going to going to a medium is dangerous.


these practices are widely accepted worldwide nowadays. they were less so a hundred years ago- although Mary Todd Lincoln is known to have hosted seances in the white house. other President's wives did the same. but the fact that something is fashionable or considered culturally acceptable does not make it safe spiritually. for more information please see the page- BIBLICAL WARNINGS. 

mind reading.

a human being's mind is like the inner sanctum where he and God may meet privately. God does not endorse mind reading for that simple reason. humans and spirit beings are not permitted to read people's minds. the only accepting is a manifestation mentioned in the Bible called prophecy. prophets (and all children of the true God) have access to the kind of Christ- and are able to see into the hearts (innermost minds and souls) of others. this ability is never meant to be used to shame or harm another human being - only to build comfort and help people.  sadly, however, much abuse happens in this field however due to improper teaching and execution of this manifestation.  on the other side, The Lord is currently re-training many people worldwide in this area. and such training is available in regularly occurring zoom meetings I will list on the meetings page. also, see the BIBLICAL MANIFESTATIONS page for more information. 


is similar to mediums mind reading and seances in essence. it is an event that occurred in the 1990s. people were getting together to channel beings from 'the other side' it's as if the old words were rebranded at that time for some reason. the term has gone out of fashion. I once heard "the devil has no new tricks- he just recycles the old ones"


deja vu

is the sense of knowing something is to happen before it does. or of meeting someone one feels he or she has know previously or being in a place one has been previously.  recently it has been connected with the idea of portals and time travel. this phenomenon may be benign if it has a spiritual outcome that is positive. it has counterparts in the Bible called word of wisdom and word of knowledge. for more information on these please see the page BIBLICAL MANIFESTATIONS.

remote viewing,

astral projection

remote viewing recently entered the vocabulary within popular culture with the film entitled men who stare at goats. in this film members of the military who are deemed psychics are tested and trained in order to view what the enemy is doing.


although this seems like a good thing- this phenomenon can have many dark entities associated with it. the Bible speaks of "lying signs and wonders," that appear good at first glance but come back to bite the participant in the ass. the problem with this phenomenon is the participants need to open their minds in order to experience the distance seeing.


it is well known in occult practices that entities will enter an open mind. (more accurately, a vacuous mind). this is a lot of the purpose for chanting and mantras within eastern religions, voodoo, drumming, and repetitive vibrational music across the world.


remote viewing has been studied in science and physics labs for decades and is under even deeper investigation now by the militaries of the world. it is also utilized in some police departments to help solve crime mysteries.


another problem with this phenomenon lies in its similarity to astral projection. this phenomenon is associated with a person learning to leave his or her body and travel to another location.


this is contrary to the Biblical model of things. God did not design a body to operate separately from its spirit.


according to the Bible man (and woman) is a tripart being. body, soul, and spirit. most people get spirit and soul mixed up. Biblically the soul is one's mind will and emotions. the spirit is that part of human beings (and possibly animals) that is created by God and ultimately will make them immortal. Jesus was not immortal until he was raised from the dead and received his new incorruptible immortal body. Human beings who are resurrected will not be amorphous beings floating around on clouds playing harps (as is depicted in a lot of art and literature). this is a Platonic Aristotelian concept.


humans beings (and hopefully animals) will be eternal beings - comprised of their bodies, souls and the Spirit of God. their bodies will be different than they are now but they will be bodies nonetheless. people will still farm, work, raise livestock, build buildings, have jobs etc.  


Remote Viewing has a Biblical counterpart. this would involve several of the manifestations called word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits. briefly, these are the supernatural seeing and knowing manifestations. for more information please see the page BIBLICAL MANIFESTATIONS. 


psychic abilities

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